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Frangipani Flower

Meaning of the Frangipani Flower

Did You Know?

The FRANGIPANI PLANT is loved by many. Please take the time to learn about its three hundred varieties.

The frangipani flower also comes in many colors.

Make it a part of the landscaping in your yard adding beauty to your neighborhood.

The frangipani flower has five petals and folk lore says that the petals stand for:

  • sincerity
  • aspiration
  • faith
  • devotion
  • and love

May all those good thoughts be yours!

Sincerely, Iris

Iris McDonald

Iris Marie McDonald enjoys all aspects of real estate. Licensed since 1988, Iris began her real estate career and has since worked with the top real estate companies and new construction developments in South Florida, handling transactions from beginning to end. Iris has special expertise and in-depth knowledge of properties from the Palm Beaches to the Florida Keys and has remodeled shoreline estates, waterfront homes and rental properties. She is highly regarded for her negotiation skills, confidentiality and positive attitude.


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