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HGTV Filming

HGTV Episode: “ISLAND LIFE – Their Own Piece of Paradise in Islamorada”

In 2014 Real Estate Broker, Iris McDonald was contacted by an HGTV representative who was looking for a Broker to appear in an episode of their popular series “Island Life” to be filmed in Islamorada in the Florida Keys. HGTV was referred to Iris by another Broker who assured HGTV that Iris had all the criteria and style for a great show to produce great ratings. After a successful interview with Iris via Skype, the producers were convinced they had their star. They described Iris as fun, photogenic, knowledgeable and experienced and had the “it” factor they were looking for!

Of course, Iris accepted the challenge and hasn’t looked back since. The filming took place in 2014 and was aired in May of 2015. Since then the show has had two additional airings. Watch the IslandIris home page for news of new airings of the episode. The slide show below is a summary of the filming and scenes from the show. To start, click on the arrow in the center of the slide show screen.  For full screen, click on arrows in the upper right.  To manually page through the slides use the arrows on the left and right or let it run automatically.


  • 000-map1
  • 00-isla-2
  • 00-isla-charm
  • 01-buyers
  • 01-price-range
  • 01-the-film-crew
  • 02-CHEETAH-1
  • 02-film-crew
  • 02x-greeting1
  • 03-first-meeting
  • 04-want-water
  • 05-want-open
  • 06-want-larg-kit
  • 07-want-3-beds
  • 08-want-dock
  • 08X-iris-1
  • 09-mariner-club
  • 10-mariner-pool
  • 13-mariner-bar
  • 15-mariner-view
  • 17-mariner-greet2
  • 18-grouper-1
  • 19-grouper2
  • 20-iris-5
  • 20-tavernaero
  • 22a-tavernero-2a
  • 24-tavernero-house
  • 25-tavernero-hanger
  • 27-schooner1
  • 28a-schooner-house
  • 28b-film-schooner
  • 28c-film-schooner
  • 28d-film-schooner
  • 29-schooner-beach
  • 33-schooner-dock
  • 34-cheeta-bay2
  • 35-decision-time
  • 37-iris-react1
  • 37-iris-react2
  • 38-schooner-house
  • 39-THE-END
  • 40calliris